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History and Science Timeline

Although it has been in practice since ancient times in China and Egypt, our story starts with the great age of space discoveries at NASA and its arch-rival, the USSR. In their battle for space supremacy (about how serious this was, just watch Space Force), both countries spend significant funding on research about the most effective way of healing astronauts (and it was there that modern magnet therapy for health was applied, studied, and perfected). The exciting part of this research is that it was unencumbered with commercial ambitions and interests, it was just about finding the best treatment that is efficient and effective.


In the 1970's Dr. Brockenheimer discovered the infamous enigma of the shortened leg. Inspired by the work of previous magnetic pioneers like Dr. Albert Roy Davis, Dr. Broekheimer experimented with magnet placement and its effect on human health. Once realizing the powerful impact of magnets on the body, he set out to understand the science behind it. Researching the work of the Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling who in 1954 received the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the magnetic properties of blood, Dr. Broeringmayer discovered that the body’s pH (acidity/alkalinity) was linked to the influence the magnets exerted on the body. He determined a tie between the pH states of certain body parts and their functions as related to health, thus arriving at the conclusion that magnetic polarization leads to pathological states – disease. While Broeringmayer was publishing his book, across the ocean, the magnet healing discovered with astronauts led to the development of magnetic machines for more speedy recovery after surgery. Meanwhile in the USSR, scientists worked with hospitals to test out the benefits of magnetic therapy on patients post surgery.


By the 1980’s, in order to reduce the dependence on imported pharmaceuticals, magnetic therapy machines were introduced for wide use in hospitals and clinics. Which brings us to the main hero of the story, Dr. Goiz of Mexico City. Someone he knew came into his clinic with the symptoms of what we now know of as HIV. At the time, there was no cure and the hospitals in the area dismissed this man, telling him that there is nothing we can do. Desperate for a solution and unable to purchase NASA magnetic machines from Dr. Broeringmeyer, he ripped the magnets from a nearby speaker and placed them on his patient. After the initial night worries and pain, the patient's wife called the doctor the following morning saying that he is starting to feel better. Over the course of the next weeks, he was better. Today, Dr. Goiz helped over 100,000 patients and developed protocols for multiple conditions including migraines, chronic pain, lupus just to name a few. He started a university to help his students learn to empower more people to get healthier. Your magnetic journey is curated for you by certified biomagnetists with the Institute.

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